Time for a Style Makeover? What You Should Know

Every so often, we all feel the need to vamp our style and look because well, that is what it means to be human. We evolve. It is a part of who we are. And

Every so often, we all feel the need to vamp our style and look because well, that is what it means to be human. We evolve. It is a part of who we are. And as we progress through the years with the world constantly changing along the way, the way we do things also changes. This inevitably includes fashion. You only need look at the fashion timeline over the past few decades to see how true this is. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s fashion are all very different to what we know today. And whilst some of us, are born with a natural knack for style, others have to work a little harder. This is a guide to help you through a style makeover.


Clear Out the Junk

In other words, get rid of all the clothes you do not want, and have not worn for a while. Do not hold onto them ‘in case’ you decide to wear them at some point. It is not going to happen as you very well know. By clearing out your closet first, you will be able to then think more clearly and make space for new items. Plus, you are allowing yourself to experiment as well, which is always healthy when it comes to style makeovers. You need not throw them away, pack them up and have them ready for donation so you also get a good deed done.


Get Your Staple Looks Together

From spring racing hats to little black dresses, white shirts and black heels in different styles, have the staples organized. These are the items you will be putting together when it comes to your ‘go-to’ looks. So make a list of the stuff you need, and then go shopping obviously. Add things like denims, black jeans, t-shirts and coats in tan, grey, black and white to start with. As you go along, you will see what is more in line with your newfound taste and you can add those in too.


Shoes Are Important

In other words, one pair of black heels is not going to cut it. If you are going to own this makeover, you need to have black shoes in platforms, strappy heels, booties and flats to name the bare minimum. The same goes for tan, nude and white. Though other styles are entirely a matter of personal preferences, these are some of staples to opt for. You will certainly thank yourself for it later, when you have to attend various events and look polished and put-together without seeming unoriginal and boring.


Trial And Error

Probably the best example of change when it comes to makeovers, is Kim Kardashian after having married husband Kanye West. Love them or hate them, if you take a look at her style profile pre-Kanye, you cannot deny that there is a marked difference in her appearance post-Kanye. She looks more chic, sophisticated and less of a high-school girl who just decided to throw on something together. That is what a good style makeover does. It highlights your differences in a subtle yet classic way that immediately gets people noticing. Do not be afraid to make mistakes; that is after all how you learn.

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