What to Wear this Summer Based on Your Body Shape

Not everyone looks like the skinny models in magazine covers, obviously. So it can be a bit difficult to find clothing if you are not slim and flat. The style of clothing you wear depends on the unique shape of your body. If you choose the right style, you will look great. Otherwise, you will end up looking rather awkward in the summer months. Fortunately enough, the market is responding to the fact that not everyone looks the same. You can find many styles directed at different body shapes and frames.

Of course, you will have to determine what body shape you are. For some, it’s easy, like very slim or plus size. Others may have larger tops and smaller bottoms, or vice versa. The clothing you buy will have to compliment the areas of your body that you want to accentuate. Read ahead to find out which styles best fit the shape of your body:


If you have a considerable middle and thigh area, but are not that big on the top part, then you are pear shaped. Pears would want to get attention on the top part of the body, not the middle part. So the best dress styles for pears are maxi, or boho style dresses. These dresses are roomy and very comfortable to wear. Also, most styles expose the shoulders, which will take attention away from the middle part of your body. General off the shoulder dresses are also great for pear shaped bodies. What you don’t want to do is wear something that is tight fitting in the middle. It will make your form look unbalanced, and only accentuate the not-so-nice parts of your body. Go for boot-cut styles that emphasize the top half of your body.


If you are curvy on the top and bottom half of your body, but has a tiny middle, then you are an hourglass shape. The best dresses for you will be tight in the middle to highlight the curves elsewhere. You don’t need to hide your curves, they are the best part. Luckily for you, most fashion styles in the market emphasize the middle waist area. So you will never be out of dress choices. Crop tops and pencil skirts are definitely your friends. Wrap dresses and maxi dresses also greatly compliment hourglass body shapes. Dresses with plunging V necks will definitely flatter your form.


If the lower half of your body is slim, but the middle area is hefty, then you are an apple. Like with pears, you would want to draw attention away from your midsection. You should buy dress styles that accentuate your shoulders and legs. So anything off shoulder is great. Flowy tops that show off shoulders will highlight your good features. In the winder, swing coats will be especially flattering on your figure. Frill skirts, which flare out at the bottom, will also work superbly on your frame. When wearing pants, find ones with low cut waistlines to avoid accidentally highlighting your midsection. You can wear slim, low cut pants without a worry.

Wear clothes that emphasize your best parts, and don’t worry about the rest. If you find clothing according to the above given suggestions, then you will look your best no matter the season.

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