Top Wardrobe Tips for a Horse Racing Tournament

Going to a horse race is not just about betting and having fun – It is also about looking the part. You need to make it evident that you belong to the prestigious horse racing community and the only way to prove that is to make sure that you dress in the correct manner. If you are a newbie, then there can be some confusion in this area. Here are some wardrobe tips that you can take into consideration.

Don’t Wear Green or Brown

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the colours. It is just that wearing these shades will make you look more similar to the race course than the audience. So, if it is a summer event, avoid wearing green and try for something contrasting such as red or even blue. On the other hand, if it is a mud pitch, then say goodbye to brown. Instead opt for light colours such as yellow or even white.

No Blankets

While it is okay for you to wear a coat to keep your warm, remember that wearing a blanket is an absolute no-go. When you wear a blanket, it not only shows that you have no fashion sense whatsoever, but it also covers up your entire outfit. So, it is does not matter how gorgeous the shawl or blanket is. Just ditch it!

Don’t Forget the Hat

This is the waste possible thing that you can do. Every lady who attends horse racing must have a hat. This is not only a sensible fashion choice, but it is also a tradition that you must follow. Wearing the best spring racing hat not only protects you from the sun, but it makes you look fabulous and complements your overall outfit. So, make sure to find the right hat that fits your dressing style for the event.

Dress for Your Body Shape

The dress you pick needs to complement your figure. When going to a horse race, you cannot afford to wear long, lacy gowns. Since you are most probably going to wear an outfit that fits your body comfortably, you need to take your body shape into consideration. In other words, don’t wear something that is too tight or too revealing if it is doesn’t suit your body.

Furthermore, you must also remember to think about the colours and designs that you are going to wear. You can either opt for plain colours or even go for a patterned design. Think about what suits your appearance and make the right decision.



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