How to Get More Subscribers for Your Ecommerce Email Newsletter

A prudent ecommerce store owner knows the value of an email list. Building an email list doesn’t take much work, but you are required to set the right tools into motion from the start. This includes the following:

  • A system that captures customer information upon checkout
  • An email subscription form that gives something out in exchange for an email
  • An email receipt tool with options for upsells and coupons
  • An email newsletter service like MailChimp or AWeber

You’re not required to do all of these, but it’s highly recommended. Why?

Because email marketing is still one of the best ways to get people to come back to your store. People are far more willing to see messages from companies in their email inboxes. Customers aren’t as receptive to these types of marketing messages in text or social media post form.

Therefore, you have to get the infrastructure in place, then keep an eye on it to make sure everything is running smoothly. Email receipts and email collection forms are automated, and you have the option to send out newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis.

But what about learning how to get more subscribers for your ecommerce email newsletter?

A list with no subscribers isn’t doing your business any good, so there’s no reason to send out newsletters. Likewise, the more subscribers you get the more chances you have of reaching out to customers new and old.

Seeing as how the email marketing game is so crucial for online stores, let’s explore how to build that list to the best of your ability.


Make it Incredibly Easy to Sign Up For Your List

Do you have four fields that people need to fill out in order to signup for your email newsletter? That should be cut down to one, maybe two. Does it require users to click on three buttons and see multiple pages before they’re completely registered? That should most definitely not be the case.

Customers are wary of giving away their emails in the first place, so the last thing you want to do is make the process harder for them.


Give Out Killer Incentives for Every Signup

By killer I mean amazing. A 20% off coupon looks pretty good to a new visitor to your website. I once saw a survivalist blog giving away a free waterproof match set for every email signup. I looked on Alibaba and saw that the company was paying maybe 10 cents for each unit, making it a rather cheap item to give away.

Another type of incentive would be a raffle. You can decide on a more expensive gift and only give that gift to one person. I also like the idea of a comprehensive guide that goes along with your niche.


Ask People to Share Your Newsletter Signup Form

This can be done with every newsletter you send out. Make the case of “If you like this email, share it with others who would as well!” You can also add social media buttons to each of your emails.

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